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        RSS Feeds

        To be informed in real time about the publication of press releases, subscribe to the Sanofi.com RSS feeds.

        What is an RSS feed?

        An RSS feed is a channel of contents from internet sites. It can include page titles, contents summaries and links to pages which can be consulted on line. By subscribing, you will be informed in real time about updates of site contents.

        How can I subscribe to the Sanofi.com RSS feeds?

        There are several ways to subscribe to our RSS feeds:

        • If you use an RSS reader, just copy the feed address to create a new feed in your reader.
        • If your navigator automatically detects RSS feeds (i.e. Firefox or Internet Explorer 7), you will see the icon at the top right, in the address bar. Click on the icon to add the Sanofi.com RSS feed to your bookmarks, which will then be automatically updated, even if you do not visit the site.
        • If you use an on-ling link aggregation service, click on the corresponding image (examples):

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        RSS feed

        For other readers, copy and paste the following link:

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