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        Media Contacts

        Contact the Media team

        +33 (0)1 53 77 46 46 ? mr@sanofi.com

        You are a journalist and have a question about Sanofi,
        please contact the Global Media Relations team
        please note the contact details are only for Medias.

        For any other request, please call the switchboard: +33 1 53 77 40 00

        Global Media Relations Department
        54 rue La Boétie
        75008 Paris FRANCE

        Portrait of Quentin Vivant
        Quentin Vivant
        • Co-Lead Global Media Relations
        • Head of Media Relations, France
        • Finance
        Portrait of Ashleigh Koss

        Ashleigh Koss

        • Co-Lead Global Media Relations
        • Head of Media Relations, North America?
        • Specialty Care
        Portrait of Chrystel Baude

        Chrystel Baude

        • Consumer Healthcare
        Marion Breyer

        Marion Breyer

        • Vaccines
        • People & Planet
        Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Froville

        Jean-Baptiste Froville

        • Industrial Affairs
        • China & Emerging Markets
        Nicolas Kressmann

        Nicolas Kressmann

        • Primary Care (Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Established Products)
        • North America
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